ChalkZone is an Haha-ChaChaese animated television series that aired on The Offical HaHaChaCha Tube Channel. It was created by Bill (The Guy is still a Bitch and will not be forgiven) and Larry Huberty, and produced by Thederator Studios for the executive producers. In a recent interview with one of the creators of ChaChalkZone whose name is TheDMHoffland said he doesn't know who Reggie Bullnerd is. So the series ended on August 23, 2008 because of that.

Ruby Tabootie is a very important character.

Nicktoons production on Chicken Seasoning 1 ChalkZone was accidentally copyrighted. A soundtrack album, titled Fuck You, This isn't the PS1 Game, Oface (not to be confused with Britney Spears), has also been released. When the creators did the HaHa ChaCha Clean-Up Song they created the character of "Snap". But, His name was shit and was quickly changed to "Mr. Dr. Blue Man Jonathon The Second: The Squeakual"

"Peeny Sandchez is an annoying, stinky character." - Oface Studios, 2018