This is a list of characters in the Nickelodeon animated series The Fairly OddParents.

Main characters

Timmy Turner


Timmy T. Turner (voiced by Tara Strong) is the main character of The Fairly OddParents. His parents are rarely around and take little interest in him, as they have more importnt things to do (work and party), which effectively makes it A LOT easier to hide Cosmo and Wanda ( Even more so since his parents are nitwits). He wishes for everything he wants, which sometimes causes havoc, and it has been shown he wishes so many things away that an entire island was made just so his unwished wishes have somwhere to go, since his "unwish bin" is full.He is also shown to be addicted to wishing, which was so intense that he loss nearly all of his resourful and physical skill at one point and needed to go to wishing rehab with two other kids(where he learns how to relly on his own skills like he did long ago.)Timmy has a very outgoing personality and can be quite charming and nice if he needs to be (having been shown to easily make girls swoon if he put all his efort into flirting, which he rarely does), although he also can be very rude and inconsiderate as well as a trouble maker, although he usually only displays these traits when he is angry or when he's facing one of his enemies. He can't be patient if he tried and is very headstrong and tends to think of things after they happen. He also gets irritated very quickly and easily, something that he adopted from his dad. Despite his usually happy personality, he is the only one of his friends who does'nt accept his status as an elementary school swrawny outcast, and longs to be popular. His determination to not be considered a loser has led him to completly blow off his friends and family and become very shallow, something that once caused him his faries for a short time. He also is his the only one of his freinds who stands up agaist teachers and bullies constantly, and isn't above torturing his enemies for his own fun. He hates being held back from doing things and loves to be free, which is probally one reson why he hates school so much and one of the many resons why he hates Vicky, since she keeps him down. Timmy got his buck teeth when his grandfather let him suck on his pacifier too long. Timmy is fairly smart, but has a short attention span, which is why he constantly gets F's, (and an idiotic teacher) but is also unusually resourceful at times, particularly for a ten year old. In the episode Channel Chasers, it is revealed that he will forget all about fairies when he turns 18, which means he still has 8 years with his fairies. It is confirmed in Channel Chasers that he later marries though his spouse is never shown. He has two children named Tommy and Tammy (the latter looks like a cross between Tootie and Trixie Tang, enigmatically suggesting that Timmy married either one, although it can't be confirmed which one since both Trixie and Tootie have black hair). It is also confirmed that his children earned Cosmo and Wanda. The concept of Timmy Turner first came from Butch Hartman's idea of a boy version of Cinderella who is watched over by a fairy godmother.

  • Age: 10 (9 prior to the episode "Boys in the Band", 10 after "Boys in the Band", and soon to finally turn 11 in the upcoming episode "Birthday Bashed")
  • Height: Around 4 feet
  • Family: Mom and Dad Turner (parents), Tommy (older brother in "Oh, Brother!"/Son in the future), Cosmo (Fairy Godfather), Wanda (Fairy Godmother), Tammy (Daughter in the future), Poof (Fairy Godbrother)
  • Friends: Chester McBadbat, A.J., Sanjay (backup), Elmer (backup), Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Tootie possibly), Jimmy Neutron, Goddard, Jorgen Von Strangle possibly), Mark Chang, Other magical creatures
  • Relationships: Cindy Vortex, Tootie, Trixie Tang, Veronica Star (she likes him), Vicky (when he wished that he was older)
  • Weight: 45 lbs. (stated in Too Many Timmys)
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Voiced by: Tara Strong, Alec Baldwin (older Timmy), Mary Kay Bergman (Oh Yeah! Cartoons)

Cosmo and Wanda

File:Cosmo and Wanda.PNG
Cosmo & Wanda (voiced by Daran Norris and Susan Blakeslee respectively) are the married pair of fairy godparents that are assigned to Timmy Turner. In the series' beginnings, they were portrayed as being very much in love; in later seasons, a more stereotypical nagging wife/idiot husband portrayal was substituted. To keep themselves secret, they usually masquerade as Timmy's pet goldfish. In the sixth season, they have a baby named "Poof". In "Wishy Washy", they turned back into teenagers-- thus causing Poof to disappear, as they were never married-- but returned to adults later in the episode. Wanda has a obsession for chocolate.
  • Ages: Over ten thousand years
  • Height: Around Timmy's height, although they appear bigger than him in the pilots and smaller in Jimmy Neutron's dimension.
  • Cosmo's Family: Timmy (godchild/godson), Poof (son), Mama Cosma (mother), Wanda (wife) Big Daddy (father in law), Blonda (sister in law)
  • Wanda's Family: Blonda (sister), Timmy (godchild/godson), Poof (son), Big Daddy (father), Cosmo (husband) Mama Cosma (mother in law)
  • Friends: Timmy Turner, Jorgen Von Strangle (possibly, as said in teeth for two), Other fairies
  • Significant former Godchildren: Denzel Crocker,(first revealed in The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker) Bill Gates, Tina Turner, Pierre, Mary Anne, Timmy's children (future god children, as stated in Channel Chasers)
  • Cosmo's Hair and Eye Color: Green
  • Wanda's Hair and Eye Color: Pink
  • Voiced by: Daran Norris and Susan Blakeslee respectively


File:The Fairly OddParents - Baby Poof.png

Baby Poof (voiced by Tara Strong) is the only natural child of fairies Cosmo and Wanda, and Timmy T. Turner's baby godbrother. He is described to have two big cute dimples on him. He has extraordinary powers which are contained by a magical rattle given by Jorgen von Strangle, which acts like a normal fairy wand. Poof was highly sought-after by the Anti-fairies, the Pixies and Jorgen himself though Jorgen just wants to make sure Poof doesn't fall into the wrong hands) because of the pure, untapped magic inside him. His laughing does good things, his crying does bad things, his hiccups cause natural disasters, his burps causes the nearest person to get struck by lightning, and when he breaks wind, all problems are fixed in an instant right after a distortion in the space-time continuum. Before Poof was officially named, hisname was being constantly changed by all the characters to names like Twinkle, Lil' T (Little Timmy), Oprah, Tallulah, Barfolomew, Napoleon, Farrah, Bosley, Super Baby, Better Timmy, Bill, José, Dagmar, Keanu, Mackenzie, Fauntleroy, Kajagoogoo and Elvis. Timmy was the one who gave Poof his name, due to the fact that "Poof" is mostly the only word he says (except for "Timmy"). He is also the youngest fairy, his father Cosmo is second.

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: A few months
  • Height: about a foot
  • Family: Cosmo (father), Wanda (mother), Timmy Turner (godbrother), Blonda (aunt), Mama Cosma (grandmother paternal), Big Daddy (grandfather maternal)
  • Friends: Timmy, other fairies when they became babies.
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Hair Color: Purple
  • Eye Color: Purple
  • Voiced by: Tara Strong


Sparky (voiced by Matthew William Taylor) is Timmy's talking fairy dog, who first appears in the season 9 premiere, Fairly OddPet. Sparky has orange fur, a wand as a tail, a blue nose, and fairy wings. He wears a fairy crown and a blue collar. Sparky's magic tail doesn't work when he is wet. He has magic fleas that will turn people into dogs if bitten. He is highly allergic to pasta, and is capable of performing human acts such as driving. Unlike Timmy's fairy god parents, It is ok for other people to know about Sparky but they cannot know that he can talk


Main Villains

Denzel Q. Crocker

Denzel Q. Crocker (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) (born 1962) is Timmy's fairy-obsessed teacher and one of a major villains of the series (along with Vicky). He is the main arch-enemy of Timmy. He suspects that Timmy has fairy godparents of his own. His unshakable belief in fairy godparents leads to his being viewed as mentally ill by other adults. Every time he mentions fairy godparents he spasms uncontrollably (similar to his uncle who spasms to the word "Genie"), which has been the subject of several jokes and occasionally causes him to be injured. He also speaks with the same accent that is used for the voice of Mr Burns from The Simpsons. It is revealed that Crocker is Cosmo and Wanda's ex-godson. His only identified relatives are his mother, Dolores Day Crocker, his Canadian genie-paranoid uncle Albert, his stepfather Ricky, and his probable ancestor, the witch-paranoid Alden Bitterroot, who is a warlock. Crocker is the main antagonist of Abra-Catastrophe! and The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour. He also appears in Channel Chasers, School's Out! The Musical and Fairy Idol. It's also revealed that if Timmy never existed, he'd have no trace of fairy evidence anywhere and, since Timmy went back in time and caused him to lose his fairies and write "Fairy godparents exist!" on the back of a tracker and thus caused him to become obsessed. It is also revealed that Denzel and Stephen Hawking were actually college roommates. One thing that Crocker {Abra-Catastrophe} and Vicky {Channel Chasers} share in common is a monomaniacal desire to be supreme dictators of the world. His appearance seems to be based on Dr. Lobe, the main antagonist in WB's Freakazoid!.


Vicky (voiced by Grey Delisle) is an evil yet tomboyishly beautiful 16-year-old babysitter that constantly tortures Timmy and other children; also Timmy's secondary arch-enemy. She enjoys money, torturing children (mostly Timmy), and watching TV, it is implied that the only reason she is mean is because she was mistreated by a babysitter as a child as she is shown to be rather sweet as an eight year old. She is Tootie's sister, her parents are scared of her and her possible relative is "Vick", effectively a male version of Vicky who tortured Denzel Crocker as a child. Despite her tortures, Timmy doesn't want Vicky to leave (he's had several chances of finally getting rid of her) since she is the main reason he received Cosmo and Wanda in the first place. If she is gone and Timmy seems happy, he will lose his godparents forever. A running gag in the opening credits is that her head gets changed into something after saying "Yeah Right" at the end of the theme song. Vicky only fears Mr. Turner's wallet being empty. Vicky is referenced in Sharon Lamb's book Packaging Girlhood: Rescuing Our Daughters from Marketers' Schemes, where she is referred to as "the meanest teen in the toon".[1] Vicky serves as the primary antagonist of Channel Chasers. It's also revealed that if Timmy never existed, she would have nobody to mainly torture (she loves torturing him more than any other kid) and would, instead of causing kids pain, lose her evil tendencies and give kids laughing gas at the dentist as an assistant to Dr.Bender to stop their pain (the job also pays better than babysitting).


A group of mystical creatures known as pixies in the universe of the Fairly OddParents are portrayed as having a corporate and formal stance, which means that business is important to them. Head Pixie and Sanderson Pixie (voiced by Ben Stein) are the two heads of Pixie Inc. They are both pixies and, like all other pixies, hate everything fun. They speak in monotone voices and instead of using wands, they have cellphones. Their name is punned in the series with pixels. They had a 37 year-in-the-making plan in which they would raise Flappy Bob The Clown and use him to make everything on earth "fun-ducational" (their synonym for boring). The plan is thwarted by Timmy Turner, who shows Flappy Bob that the pixies had used him all along. Other plans of theirs included buying out Fairy World, using contracts to destroy Cosmo and Wanda, and teaming up with Anti-Cosmo to use Baby Poof to destroy all worlds but Pixie World and Anti-Fairy World. Something common of both HP and Sanderson is that they use sarcasm most of the time, but it doesn't seem like it and that, because of their hating of everything fun, they enjoy rap music. The Pixies first appeared in the episode "Pixies, inc." where they take over Fairy World, and surprisingly make Cosmo the vrice president (not vice president) of their company. Their plans are thwarted when Timmy defeats HP in a game of miniature golf. They returned in the episode "Wish Fixers" and and serve as the main villains of School's Out! The Musical.

All Pixies are voiced by Ben Stein. In one of the newer episodes, Fairly Oddlympics/Games, HP made a bet with Timmy. If Timmy lost to the Pixies, he'd be HP's evil office boy forever, and if Timmy won he'd make the Pixies do whatever he wanted.

Anti Fairies

The Anti-Fairies, as their name suggests, are the exact opposite of fairies. The two most prominent Anti-Fairies are Anti-Cosmo (voiced by Daran Norris) a cynical, evil and super smart British fairy and Anti-Wanda (voiced by Susan Blakeslee) a dumb, hillbilly fairy who "eats with her feets" although in "The Gland Plan", Jorgen has mentioned about finding his anti-fairy counterpart the Anti-Jorgen after apparently suffering the same condition that Cosmo has). The Anti-Fairies are the exact opposite to their fairy counterparts (e.g. Cosmo being dumb and Anti-Cosmo being a genius). The anti-fairies are responsible for all the bad luck on earth and, according to Cosmo, to the anti-fairies, Friday The 13th is "like their Christmas". Anti-Cosmo (and his Anti-Fairy army) serve has the main villains of The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide. In one of the newer episodes, Fairly Oddlympics/Games, Anti Cosmo made a bet with Timmy. If Timmy lost to the Anti Fairies, he'd be Anti Cosmo's evil Godchild forever, and if Timmy won he'd make the Anit-Fairies do whatever he wanted. In an upcoming episode, he plans to get revenge(from when Poof destroyed the Anit-Fairies' big wand)on Timmy by capturing him. This episode is supposedly being called the "Wishology".meet newest anti fairies is foop and anti sparky

Norm the Genie

Norm (voiced by Norm Macdonald) is tired of being trapped in his lamp (which is actually a lava lamp). He longs to be a fairy godparent and sabotages a "Fairy Idol" contest to become one. He wins (after putting Cosmo and Wanda out of commission) and later explodes because of magic buildup. Norm hates Canada (though his actor that plays him was born in Canada) apparently because he claims they've "had it too good for too long". Norm has appeared in several episodes, attempting to cause Timmy torment. Norm was named after the actor who voices him, Norm Macdonald. Norm is the main villain of Fairy Idol, where it is shown he has a powerful singing voice, however in this episode it is also shown that he just wants to travel the world rather than destroy it, enslave it, etc. In one episode Norm and Crocker became allies to destroy Timmy Turner; however Crocker gave Norm so many wishes for plans that never worked that Norm nearly had a nervous breakdown and sent Crocker to Mars.

Secondary Villains


Francis (voiced by Faith Abrahams) is the school bully. He rarely goes in the sun, causing him to have gray skin. He gives wedgies and otherwise tortures Timmy and his friends. Since getting Fairy Godparents, Timmy has been able to torture the bully thoroughly, pulling him up a flagpole by his underwear and having him stung by bees. Francis is shown to be a shoplifter and jailbird, and his clothes and underwear are ragged, making his bottom visible during several episodes. He is 12 years old as stated by Vicky and seems to have failed a grade twice. It's reveled that if Timmy weren't alive that he'd have no one to mainly bully and would instead put all his anger and strength into football instead of bullying and would be a successful student and very kind, as well as have a tan from playing football in the sun so long and be well groomed and cleaned.

Doctor Bender

Doctor Bender (voiced by Gilbert Gottfried) is an evil dentist. He has an obsession with perfect teeth and is mean to anyone who don't have teeth as good as his. To this, he is mean to Timmy the most for his giant buck teeth, and was first seen in "The Same Game". His son, Wendell (also voiced by Gottfried) is just as tooth-hygienic as he is, but sometimes hates it when his dad scares off other kids. As a dentist, Dr. Bender enjoys performing seemingly pointless work on children's teeth. He even encourages children to eat refine sugar to boost his business, as seen in the Halloween episode "Scardy God Parents". He once stole Chip Skylark's shiney teeth but lost them to Timmy, who used special tools from the Tooth Fairy to get them back. He was last seen in "Teeth For Two".

Bronze Kneecap

The Bronze Kneecap (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) is the archenemy of the Crimson Chin. Former pre-villain name is Frank Knee Capra. (A pun on famed director Frank Capra). As a former famous jai lai player known infamously of a consistent record of winning bronze, he challenged the Chin, mostly out of jealousy. Later on as Chin was signing autographs and bent over to pick something up, he tripped over Chin's massive mandible and shattered his kneecap, ruining his career. Winning another 3rd place bronze trophy, he melted them all into a villain suit and was known from then as The Bronze Kneecap. His primary goal is to take revenge on the Chin. He is often shown sticking out his knee cap saying "Don't make me use this".

Once when Adam West/Catman was filming a Crimson Chin movie with Timmy, he gagged then impersonated the director, (a parody of Steven Spielberg) then changed the script into a strange musical ballet. Timmy then identified the villain and a battle ensued between him and the real Chin, with Adam in danger since he played the part of the Chin in the movie.

Nega Chin

The Nega Chin (voiced by Jay Leno) is a comic book villain who looks exactly like the good Crimson Chin and possesses the same powers. He wears a black costume and red eyes. In one episode, he demonstrated having some control over Cosmo and Wanda and took away Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad's powers. He is a possible parody of Negaduck from Darkwing Duck.


Mark's somewhat psychotic alien fiance, since her first appearance she has tried to marry Mark or destroy him. in each of her appearances she has become more sadistic and in the episode "King Chang" it was revealed that she had no feelings for the Yugopotamian prince since she had Mark in the dungeon and ruled Yugopotamia with an iron fist, she was defeated by Vicky and Timmy.

Minor Villains

  • Dark Laser (Parody of Darth Vader from Starwars)
  • Super Bike- Talking Toilet who wants Timmy to ride him.
  • Super Toilet- Super Bike's sidekick.
  • Ghà Ghà
  • Pumpkinator
  • Happy Peppy Gary and Happy Peppy Betty- Two Stupid Goofballs who always happy everyday.
  • Wendall Bender- Mr. Bender's Son.

Other Characters


  • Chester McBadBat (voiced by Frankie Muniz (2001-2003); Jason Marsden (2003-present)) is a brace-face kid and one of Timmy's best friends. He lives in a run-down trailer with his father, who constantly wears a bag over his head due to humiliation because of a blunder he made during an important baseball game. Nobody knows what happened to Chester's mother, although, his mom was mentioned in the episode "Teeth for Two". It's revealed that if Timmy never existed that somehow (since he never showed any sign of being miserable depite his poor lifstlye and is rather very cheery) Cosmo and Wanda would be assigned to him and he'd be rich (a triple decker trailer held on eight gold bricks) and would have no braces( Both conditions were probally wished for, although since money wishes are agaist the rules and there's no way Timmy could have caused him to be poor, it's unknown how he wished to be rich.
  • A.J. (voiced by Ibrahim Haneef Muhammad (2001-2002), Gary Leroi Gray (2002-present) A.J. is the genius in Timmy's class, and one of his best friends. A.J. likes to invent things. He will sometimes get jealous if someone else wins 1st place. His room doubles as a secret lab. It's revealed if Timmy never existed he'd have nobody to hold him back (As his friend Timmy is the only reason he wants to stay in the 5th grade) and would have graduated high school when he was 5, and was shown as a 10 year old college senior with a full head of hair(an afro, to be exact).
  • Elmer (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) is a nerdy kid with a large boil, named Bob, on his face, which speaks to him about ruling the world. His boil was named after Bob Boyle. Elmer is Timmy's 4th best friend and backup-Timmy. If Timmy never existed he would somehow not have an evil boil on his face. Elmer's name comes from the show's creator, whose real name is Elmer.
  • Sanjay (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) is a ten-year-old who is somewhat obsessed with Timmy. Sanjay is Timmy's 3rd best friend.
  • Tootie (voiced by Grey Delisle) is the cute and pretty little sister of Vicky, and professes an obsession with Timmy. When Vicky isn't torturing the kids she babysits, she tortures her, meaning she is miserable enough to have Fairy Godparents (in fact, she's twice as miserable as Timmy), but it is revealed in "Birthday Wish" when Timmy lends Tootie his Fairy Godparents for a day as a birthday present, that she can't keep a secret (which is a factor in keeping godparents). It is proven when she wants to tell everyone who made her birthday great. It is also proven she is envious of Trixie
  • Trixie Tang (voiced by Dionne Quan) is the most popular and most beautiful girl in Timmy's school. The things she likes always change usually within five minutes. It is revealed that Trixie secretly loves boy stuff, such as action figures and comic books. Timmy has an obvious crush on Trixie. In many episodes he is seen making wishes on how to get Trixie to fall for him. Sometimes she falls but later rejects him due to her reputation. Another time, he rejects her, most likely because he sees Tootie sitting and crying (She is a parody of the Smallville Character Lana Lang) which causes Trixie to have an immediate liking to him.
  • Veronica (voiced by Grey Delisle) is one of Trixie Tang's best friends. There are times where she wishes she was Trixie. She is also secretly in love with Timmy.
  • Tad and Chad (voiced by Tara Strong and Grey Delisle) are two of Timmy's popular classmates who are also rich. They often make fun of Timmy and unpopular kids.
  • Mark Chang (voiced by Rob Paulsen) is the alien prince of Yugopotamia, resembling Kang and Kodos from The Simpsons. He falls in love with Vicky the instant he sees her, due to her evil personality (something his people find attractive). Later he moves to Dimmsdale to escape from his alien fiance, disguising himself as a human. Yugopotamia is amazed by Timmy Turner when they first see him because he ate chocolate, ran through flowers, and hugged a teddy bear. In Yugopotamia, the Changs and other aliens cannot do these without being harmed in some way, Mark is able to know that Timmy has Fairly GodParents because they met through a wish.
  • Jeff and Eric - Mark's best friends from another planet. They appear in 2 episodes.
  • Remy Buxaplenty (Dee Bradley Baker) - A rich kid who is one of Timmy's rivals. His appearance is similar to Richie Rich. Despite being very rich, Remy is very unhappy because of his wealthily distracted parents. To this, Remy has a fairy godparent named Juandissimo Magnifico, whom Timmy is aware of because he found out on his own; Remy is also aware of Cosmo & Wanda. He is constantly trying to deprive Timmy of them due to jealously of having two godparents, and regular parents who love him. Eventually, him and Timmy become friends.
  • Molly is a lovely goth girl that was sent to the Wishing Well with Timmy to learn how to make less wishes. She seems to grow rather close to Timmy throughout the episode. She hates when people touch her, and she seems to get it from her fairy Swizzel.
  • Dwight is a scaredy cat who was sent to the Wishing Well along with Timmy and Molly. Dwight's worst fears are harpoons because he wished he was a whale once and people wanted his blubber. Dwight may be a possible parody of Chuckie Finster from "Rugrats". Dwight's fairy's name is Irving.
  • Jimmy Neutron Timmy's genius friend from another demension(Retroville).
  • Cindy Vortex Timmy's new-found crush from another demension(Retroville).


  • Jorgen Von Strangle (voiced by Daran Norris) is a high-ranking official in Fairy World and the toughest fairy in the universe who uses an over-sized wand. His wife is the Tooth Fairy. He is also in charge of bringing children to another dimension who make the world better by wishing they were never born. It is seen that Jorgen has a jetpack instead of wings. He has a German accent and is a parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Binky Abdul (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker), a meek yet optimistic fairy who is always getting hurt or beaten on by Jorgen, of what's assistant. He's the star of the former Fairyworld TV show "Leave It to Binky" (parody of "Leave it to Beaver").
  • Juandissimo Magnifico (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) is Remy Buxaplenty's fairy godparent and speaks with a Spanish accent which sounds similar to the late Jonathan Weed from Family Guy, although he does not mention various Spanish terms (E.g. senor or amigo). He thinks that he is the best-looking fairy in the world. He is also Wanda's ex-boyfriend who is still infatuated with her and constantly tries to get her back. Cosmo is extremely jealous of him as he makes attempts to steal her. He is known to rip his tight white shirts with his muscles sometimes even several times consecutively. He works as a well sought-after (by various female fairies) massage practitioner.
  • Cupid (voiced by Tom Kenny), Not really a fairy. Extremely effeminate, who promotes love throughout the universe. His arrogance contrasts his love-themed abilities. In "Love Struck" it is revealed that Cupid loses his powers if there is no love in the world.
  • Tooth Fairy (voiced by Grey Delisle), one of the few adult-sized fairies. She is married to Jorgen. She is also a parody of Wonder Woman.
  • The April Fool (voiced by Daran Norris) a character that always pulls bad pranks and is sent back to Fairy World if they can't be completed. His nasal voice and trademark punchline, "What's up with that?", are modeled after comedian Jerry Seinfeld.
  • Blonda (voiced by Tara Strong and Susan Blakeslee}, Wanda's famous twin sister and Poof's only known aunt, who stars in the Fairy World TV show All My Biceps. It is revealed in the episode Fairy Idol that she isn't a natural blonde
  • Big Daddy (voiced by Tony Sirico) Wanda and Blonda's father. He's the only fairy in Fairy World that can take care of "Stinky Magic" and is one of the few fairies (or people) that can intimidate Jorgen. He is the head of a mafia family, Big Daddy dresses and speaks like a stereotypical 1930's movie gangster. He also mentions that he dislikes Cosmo for his stupidity and not listening to Wanda. He becomes infatuated with Mama Cosma, with whome he is one main thing in common: They both hate who their child married. Despite his devoted love to his daughter Wanda, Big Daddy doesn't seem to mind Mama Cosma's motives of destroying her, and even becomes more attracted to her.
  • Mama Cosma (voiced by Jane Carr) Cosmo's mother, who loathes Wanda and repeatedly makes attempts to get rid of her. She admitted that Wanda is not the reason for her attempts, she would do it to any girl that stood in the way of her and her son. Once, however she tried to get Cosmo to leave Timmy and Wanda and come live with her, though she changed her mind after seeing that Cosmo caused Wanda occasional misery. Recently she has acted more civil towards Wanda, possibly due to Poof's birth, which may have caused a truce.
  • Dr. Rip Studwell (voiced by Jim Ward and Butch Hartman) A golfing fairy doctor who insists on being referred to by his full name. He pulls off his glasses to deliver "bad news," while putting them on for "good news"
  • Fairy Hart (voiced by Mary Hart), a fairy reporter. She made cameos in a few episodes.
  • Bob Glimmer (voiced by Bob Goen), another fairy reporter. He made cameos in a few episodes.
  • Fairy Taxi Driver - Appears before Godparents who are no longer needed by their Godchildren, thinks all humans look alike.
  • Fairy reassigner - Appears in "The Switch Glitch"
  • Simon Sparklefield - Parody of Simon Cowell.
  • Billy Crystalball - A parody of Billy Crystal.
  • Fairy Mason - A fairy lawyer who was only seen in "Genie Meanie Minie Mo". He is an obvious spoof of Perry Mason.


  • Mr. & Mrs. Turner (voiced by Daran Norris and Susan Blakeslee respectively) are Timmy's parents, who, until he turned eight, cared about him a lot. Then they told a lie, and Vicky was made Timmy's babysitter; they are totally oblivious to the fact that she's evil (even when it seems perfectly clear).They have not taken an interest in Timmy for two years, but they do seem to show their love and concern for him when they actually remember to think. Mrs. Turner works as a real estate agent / home dealer and Mr. Turner is a typical office employee / "pencil pusher".
They're first names are commonly unknown as they are casually refeared to as Timmy's Mom and Timmy's Dad (even as kids).


  • Chip Skylark III (voiced by Chris Kirkpatrick), a pop star known by his shiny teeth, grandson of the former singing sensation, Chip Skylark I. The full name is Chip Skylark III was seen in "The Good Old Days!"
  • Chet Ubetcha (voiced by Jim Ward), a midget news reporter (referred to as a "vertically challenged newscaster") known for his trademark opening line of "I'm Chet Ubetcha..." In the special "Abra Catastrophe", his name was changed to "Chet Ubowdown" when Crocker took over the universe. In The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker, it is revealed that he was not actually a midget as he was quite tall, but was mutated by radiation from the '80s cellular phones. His condition was caused by a radiation from an oversized cellphone.
  • Britney Britney (voiced by Tara Strong), a pop star parody of Britney Spears. In Truth or Cosmoquences, she was hypnotized to think she was with Chip Skylark at the Dimmsdale Music Fest so Cosmo would have a rich and famous human "wife" to show off
  • Brad Cuspidor - Announcer of the Teeth TV channel who is often seen promoting Chip Skylark's latest hit, an obvious reference to overly peppy MTV-styled young adult announcers.
  • The Doughnut Guy A guy who brought donuts to the director of the Crimson Chin movie. He got the part of Cleft.
  • The Director of the Crimson Chin movie Description in name. He is a parody of Stephen Speilberg.
  • A parody of Jay Leno voiced by him.
  • Sylvester Calzone - A parody of Sylvester Stallone and the character of Rocky Balboa.
  • Skip Sparkypants Chip's rival. Wears sparky pants and underpants.

Real People

  • TV's Adam West (voiced by himself) is the Adam West from television and completely insane. He is often seen dressing up as "Catman" (in reference to West's original portrayal of Batman. As seen in "Lights, Camera, Adam", when people say "TV's Adam West!", he says "where", and says he loves that gag. In "Go Young, West Man", it is revealed that during his childhood, he never got a chance to be a real kid.
  • Billy Blanks (voiced by himself).
  • Scott Hamilton (figure skater) (voiced by himself).
  • Stephen Hawking (synthesized as himself).


  • Chompy (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) is Dimmsdale's town mascot who Timmy once set free, however he comes back at Timmy's distress with his family and is put back in captivity free to come and go as Chompy pleases.
  • Doidle (voiced by Frank Welker) - Vicky's just as evil dog.
  • Dinkledog (voiced by Frank Welker) - The Dinklebergs' dog.
  • Bippy - A.J.'s monkey.
  • Possum - Chester's minor possum.
  • Halloweeniedog - Easter Bunny's dog and the supposed spirit of Halloween.
  • Flipsie - A toy dog that barks and flips a full 360 degrees originally belonging to Timmy

The hamster.-Timmys dead hamster.he only appears in one episode.

  • Monkey with a trampoline/unicycle - Mentioned by Cosmo alone. Makes one appearance to help Timmy's campaign
  • The Sewer Gator (voiced by Frank Welker) - A fierce monster that is said to live in the sewers of Dimmsdale. This is, in fact, true, as Timmy was attacked by it when he went to save Cosmo and Wanda. The Gator's only appearance was "Ruled Out".


  • Crimson Chin (voiced by Jay Leno) is a meta-fictional comic book superhero. He suffers a mental breakdown when he finds out he is fictional, but soon gets over it. After this, Timmy frequently visits him in the comic books; usually as his alter-ego, Cleft, The Boy Chin Wonder. He has a slight similarity to The Tick and may have been influenced by him. He often makes comments about dimples, hence the name Cleft
  • Crash Nebula: A popular muscular space hero. One episode with information on his life as a teen was dedicated to him, as a teen he was voiced by David Kaufman.
  • Dark Laser A parody of Darth Vader.
  • Doug Dimmadome (voiced by Jim Ward) is a millionaire that owns many things around Dimmsdale, including the Dimmsdale Ball Hogs. He also wears extremely tall hats, that stretch up off-screen no matter the angle. In one episode, he has an 80-story hat storage building. Sometimes his hat is just a normal cowboy hat as shown in "Nectar of the Odds."
  • The Mayor of Dimmsdale (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui)- The Mayor, who makes several appearances alongside Chompy the Goat.
  • Easter Bunny is a holiday symbol that hides eggs everywhere.
  • Baby New Year, a really big baby (Easter Bunny- "It's gonna be a big year").
  • Santa Claus - The bringer of Christmas. Unlike most descriptions of Santa, he is skinny all year round until the fairies give him their magic.
  • Sheldon Dinkleberg and Mrs. Dinkleberg (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui and Susan Blakeslee, respectively) - The Turners' neighbors and enemies, who have a better lifestyle. Mr. Dinkleberg was Mrs. Turner's ex-boyfriend as seen in The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker. Mr. Turner usually angrily growls "Dinkleberg!" whenever he sees them or their wealth (a la Jerry Seinfeld's Newman!, or Homer Simpson's Flanders!) despite the fact that they are actually quite friendly to them.
  • Happy Peppy Gary and Happy Peppy Betty (Rob Paulson and Grey DeLisle) - The two peppy counsulars of Flappy Bob's Peppy Happy Camp Learn-A-Torium. They are constantly endorsing the joys of safety, education, and nutrition to children. Though they mean well, their efforts tend to be over overspread and considered annoying.
  • Bouncer - Often seen protecting the "popular" kids in school--Trixie, Veronica, Tad and Chad. Usually seen in the cafeteria or at the back of the bus.(The poluar's body guard.)
  • Gloria Pitbul - Mrs. Turner's lawyer.
  • Dale Dimm - Founder of Dimmsdale.
  • Flappy Bob (S. Scott Bullock) - The founder of "Flappy Bob's Camp Learn-A-Torium". He was a clown at birth (as his parents are clowns too), but was raised to be a boring businessman by HP and Mr. Sanderson Pixie, as part of their 37-year plan. He was always taught that "fun wasn't fun" and that "boring was fun", unknownist that the pixies secretly taught him that. In the movie School's Out: The Musical, he gets all parents to send their kids to his Learn-A-Torium and the Pixies grant him a wish to make the whole world his Learn-A-Torium. He soon finds out that the Pixies had used him and decides to restore his clown destiny. He then reunites with his long-lost clown parents.
  • Winston Dundsworth A Brit who girls and Cosmo love. Vicky especially likes him. He loves things that remind him of the hunt which Cosmo is scared of. He loves cows, lying and stealing, hates the color pink and mucus on history books. He wears glasses and has horrible teeth. He also has a parasol that lifts him up like Mary Poppins. Vicky almost won Winston's heart until her plan was thwarted by Timmy (of course Vicky got revenge on him afterwards.) Winston is a British stereotype.
  • The Bad Parent Hunter (voiced by the late Steve Irwin) A parody of his own deceased voice actor.
  • Super Toilet - A giant, flushing toilet that Cosmo fears ("It took the plunger, THE WHOLE PLUNGER!").

The Nicktoons

Timmy's inter-dimensional friends include Jimmy Neutron, Danny Phantom, and SpongeBob SquarePants. He and Jimmy met in The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour. In the The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide, they hated each other due to rivalry over their inexplicable fascination with and affection for Cindy Vortex. Eventually, they become friends again in The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators and have remained so ever since. Jimmy and Timmy met Danny and SpongeBob and their villains in Nicktoons Unite! video game. Timmy also met their friends: Sandy Cheeks, Patrick Star, Mr. Krabs & Squidward Tentacles from SpongeBob SquarePants and Sam Manson, Tucker Foley and Danny's parents from Danny Phantom. In Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots he met Tak (from Tak and the Power of Juju).


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