Retroville packing

jimmy: there a portal to lemur island i could have did it without my best friends carl and sheen.

Sheen: hey jimmy can me and carl goto lemur island.

Carl: yeah they say they got lamas

jimmy: sure guys okay know i need to speak with max.

As jimmy open a hologram of max, max's dad, and the wise crab.

Max: jimmy is the portal ready

Jimmy: yep

Mr. robert: good job jimmy we will meet you on the stage.

Jimmy: you bet see ya

As the hologram closes and jimmy, carl, and sheen packed their stuff and went into the portal.

meanwhile Cindy and Libby was looking for jimmy.

Cindy: neutron where are you

Libby: look a note

Cindy: dear Cindy i have been to lemur island i won't be back till sunday sincerly jimmy.

P.S. you can join me at lemur island

cindy and libby went into the portal.

jimmy, carl, and sheen made it at the stage

Wise Old Crab: and the winner for biggest genuis is Jimmy Neutron.

Jimmy: thank i decited this award for my friends parents and teachers.