The Fairly OddParents! character
Vicky plotting
Species: Human
Aliases: Icky Vicky
The Baby Shredder
Nicky (mother); Unnammed father; Tootie (sister); Unnamed brother (mentioned only in the pilot episode); Vicky the Kid, Vicky Khan, Lady Vicky (ancestors); Timmy Turner (future brother-in-law); Tommy Turner (future nephew); Tammy Turner (future niece).
Doidle the dog; Chipper the cat; Happy the goldfish; Ginny the parrot; Spunky the hamster.
Timmy Turner; Tootie; Chester McBadbat; A.J.; Elmer; Sanjay; Chip Skylark.
First appearance:
"The Fairly OddParents!"
Voiced by: Grey DeLisle
Devon Weigle (live-action movies)

Vicky is the main villain from The Fairly OddParents! who is a 16-year-old babysitter that constantly tortures Timmy and other children. She enjoys money, torturing children (mostly Timmy), and watching TV. She is Tootie's sister and the probable aunt of Timmy's future children.

A running gag in the show's opening credits is that her head gets changed into something after saying "Yeah Right" at the end of the theme song. Normally, her head would become a hint to what the following episode would be about.