SpongeBob, Jimmy, Timmy and B.O.B. brings a girl Timmy's doll/girlfriend that she accidentally left behind at the zoo and into the sewer.


The zoo is closing for the day and everyone is leaving when a little girl drops her doll. SpongeBob, Jimmy, Timmy and B.O.B. see this and try to shoot it back to her as she leaves but it ends up going into the sewer. The child files a lost toy report at the zoo office. SpongeBob, Jimmy, Timmy and B.O.B. make it their mission to get the girl her doll back but decide that going through the sewers would take way too long. They notice that Timmy's girlfriend doll is an exact match of the lost doll. They venture out to the city and find the apartment building where the little girl lives and leave Timmy's doll at her front door. Timmy is sad that his doll is gone but B.O.B. tells him that good things always come around so he cheers up at that. He stumbles across a can of sardines and thinks that it was the good deed being repaid but instead it is Officer X, the animal control officer that has come to capture them. He gets them in a cage but Timmy uses dynamite to escape. It blasts them through the ground into the sewer but Officer X's new van has a laser that cuts through cement and he follows them into the sewer. They escape from the sewer but Officer X is still hot on their tails. Timmy has had enough of the events of the day and decides to fight Officer X's van, bullfighter style. This give SpongeBob, Jimmy and B.O.B. the opportunity to swing in and loosen the lug-nuts on the van's wheels. The van is just about to hit Timmy when the wheels fall off and it crashes. Officer X climbs out of the wreckage and SpongeBob, Jimmy, Timmy and B.O.B. decide that going through the park for shortcut t go back to the village would be the best way to lose him. He cuts them off so they decide to go through the sewer to get back to the village instead. He cuts them off in the sewer too. Timmy cuts the sewage line that is aimed at Officer X but nothing happens because something is blocking the sewer line. It turns out to be the missing doll. It shoots out and allows a stream of sewage over Officer X and Timmy gets to keep the doll.


  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Jimmy Neutron
  • Timmy Turner
  • B.O.B. (Benzoate Ostylezene Bicarbonate)
  • Zookeeper
  • Girl
  • Girl's mom
  • Zoo visitors
  • Officer X


  • Officer X's van


  • Zoo
  • Zoo office
  • SpongeBob, Jimmy, Timmy and B.O.B.'s Headquarters
  • Apartment Building
  • Streets of Cartoon World
  • The sewer
  • Park